Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Kettlecakes and Betrovia

What a change in the October weather! 85 and incredibly windy yesterday compared to cloudy, cool, and damp today. Even though the weather today was a bit on the cool and damp side, all of the window-cleaning jobs were performed as scheduled!

So what are kettlecakes?

In Betrovia, Tamara heads to the hen house to grab a few eggs to make some biscuits for breakfast. But wait, my wonderful Wifey points out to me this afternoon, eggs are not needed to make biscuits! Aha! A change in the text must then be made! Biscuits are not made for the guest's of The Lonely Fox Inn: kettlecakes are to be made! And, of course, fresh eggs are needed for such a concoction!

My apologies to the biscuit-bakers who are reading Betrovia. And once again, Betrovia is a WIP (work in progress).

This self-publishing stuff is so much fun!

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