Saturday, October 22, 2011

Major Characters

A few people have asked for a list cast of characters from the novel. So, here's the "shortlist" of characters from Betrovia:

Characters in and Around the Lonely Fox Inn
Patrik Vellein: innkeeper of The Lonely Fox Inn
Tamara: Patrik’s older daughter
Galena: Patrik’s younger daughter
Dalneia: Patrik’s wife and mother of Tamara and Galena; died a few years before the novel begins
Pieter: Patrik’s younger brother
Markus: Patrik’s brother-in-law, Dalneia’s younger brother
Kristof: young hired hand working for Patrik at the Inn at the beginning of the novel
Teophelus: young man wanting to become a Netherene priest in Noran
Edelin: thief/confidence man who appears one day at the Lonely Fox Inn
Leuran: Noran shopkeeper and friend of Patrik
Commander Lietser: leader of the Noran militia; the only son of the wealthiest family in Noran

Characters of Lycentia
King Justen: King of Betrovia when the novel begins
Prince Gorgi: King Justen’s only son
Jarad: captain in Lycentian militia
General Demirain: chief officer of Lycentian militia
Luis: protector (chief administrator) of Lycentia
Oliver III: holy advocate of the Netherenes, resides in Lycentia
Viktor: chief prophet of the Netherenes, resides in Lycentia
Franck: traveling merchant, close friend of Patrik, resides in Lycentia
Ilead Tetrokiu: youngest son of the Tetrokiu family of Lycentia

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