Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Betrovia and a church bulletin

It was another gorgeous day to be cleaning windows. First job today was in rural Cole county, a nifty log cabin-esque house. The lady of the house said that with her clean windows, she is now motivated to do some interior painting!

The second job was in one of the fancier Jeff City neighborhoods. The owner had just installed new hardwood flooring on the main floor and, of course, clean windows and new hardwood flooring make a perfect combination!

When I got home, an envelope from my mom was waiting for me. Inside was an excerpt from a recent church bulletin. The excerpt contained the "blurb" located on the back of Betrovia. Whoever included the blurb in the church bulletin labelled the blurb a "review" and included that if a copy of the novel was desired, my mother was the person to ask.

Isn't it funny how mothers can show their love for their children in so many funny ways  :)_

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