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The Land of Betrovia Trilogy--in a nutshell?

What follows are each of the "blurbs" of all three Land of Betrovia novels: Betrovia, Lycentia: Harrak's Scrolls, and Ahnak: Edelin's Revelation.

For those who have wanted to see the "big picture" of the entire trilogy, especially prospective readers who frequent the MFA in Freeburg, then this is the blogpost you've been waiting for!

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Betrovia ... where the horrors of war are as common as snow and ice in winter...

Patrik, as a newly-married young man, turns down the safety of small town life to help his uncle manage a road-side inn many miles away. But before he can learn even the basics of running a roadside inn, the uncle suddenly dies. If he had stayed where he was born, Patrik could have become a successful hunter, fur trapper, or even a successful artist. So why did he leave the comforts of home? Not long after the death of his uncle, Patrik's wife dies, leaving him to mourn her death while struggling to be a good father to their two young daughters. Where can he find the inner peace he feverishly desires?

Tamara, boisterous, beautiful but often cantankerous, has turned down every man who has  offered to rescue her from the pitiful routine of The Lonely Fox Inn. Who, if anyone, could ever capture her love?

Kristof, The Lonely Fox Inn's stable hand, has attempted to earn Tamara's affection since he first set eyes upon her but has suffered a lifetime of rejection in the few months he has been employed there. What can he do to somehow make her love him?

Betrovia ... a land in disarray ... a land in need of peace.

A nifty thing to add here is Brad Francis' review of Betrovia (well, it's like a review even though it's more like an interview seasoned lightly with a review).

Besides, Betrovia can also be found at Barnes and Noble, ITunes and Kobo!

Lycentia: Harrak's Scrolls On Sale! Just $1.99!
Lycentia, the City of Light, the city where finance, friendship and faith are being blended together to produce what could be a fabulous future for all Betrovians.

Patrik, the recalcitrant innkeeper and Galena, his younger daughter, load up the wagon, lock up The Lonely Fox Inn and head east for Lycentia. The goal? To hand-deliver Harrak's scrolls, the ones Patrik discovered in a musty cave, to Oliver III, the Netherene High Priest. The problem? The scrolls are not what Patrik thinks they are! But how, if at all, can Patrik discover the truth before it's too late?

Who was this Harrak, the supposed author of these infamous scrolls? And why are the Lycentian Netherenes striving to eradicate Harrak's writings? Even to the point of killing those who express faith in those writings? Teophelus, the neophyte priest, is in love with both his calling and Patrik's daughter Galena: so just what are his motives for helping Patrik understand the true meanings hidden within those scrolls?

Edelin, the conniving, self-serving but lonely thief, nearly becomes entangled in a skirmish between Betrovian militiamen and Haarigoian raiders. He manages to elude the carnage and finds refuge in a village on the edge of the untamed Plains of Dreut. But not long after arriving there, he disappears into the night after stealing what may be the most-valuable piece of jewelry he has ever possessed. But might this bauble he now possesses lead Edelin into a future that no one would ever wish for?

Tamara is no longer the elder daughter of an innkeeper: she is now the wife of the King of Betrovia! She has the entire city of Lycentia at her beck and call. But why isn't she happy? Isn't this what she has always dreamed of? What, if anything, can bring her the happiness she desperately desires?

Lycentia: Harrak's Scrolls – book two of The Land of Betrovia trilogy

Besides,. Lycentia: Harrak's Scrolls can also be found at Barnes and Noble, ITunes, and Kobo!

Ahnak: Edelin's Revelation On Sale! Just $1.99!
Ahnak, the ancient city of the Dark Lords ...

Great Desert Muads and Haarigoian plainsmen have long savaged Betrovian forests, being controlled from that gray stone fortress. Now, General Demirain of Lycentia intends to make Ahnak his platform for imperial incursions into the Plains of Dreut and the Great Desert.

Patrik and his daughter Galena survived the brutal late-night attack in Lycentia but the priest Teophelus was not so fortunate. He implores Patrik to deliver Harrak's scrolls to the Netherene High Priest.

Galena, enraged about losing Teophelus, knows she cannot bring him back but wishes there was something she could do to prevent her father from suffering a similar fate. How might a trip back to Noran solve her problem?

Edelin approaches the Dark Lords' former bastion. Fates still smiles on him, the stolen priestly medallion assures him. As Edelin nears Ahnak’s gates, tainted with deception, intrigue and thievery, he anticipates a profitable future if, once more, people fall for his false charms. It worked with that old fool Patrik, back when he kept The Lonely Fox Inn.

Ahnak: Edelin's Revelation – book three of The Land of Betrovia trilogy

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