Friday, January 6, 2012

Dreams, lost sleep and Betrovia

It was the third day straight of excellent window-cleaning weather and I made the most of it!

First windows to clean thing this morning were in a house of one of the first buyers of Betrovia. It was a fairly simple job which only took about 2.5 hours. The lady of the house wanted to make sure that my initial bid was going to be the final cost for the job and I assured her that my bid was made in concrete; I just didn't want her to pay more than she had to!

The second set of windows were in a duplex that was being "cleaned up" for the next lucky renter. All but one window was cleaned without the assistance of Wifey: she was needed to steady the ladder as I struggled to clean the outside of a picture window over 30' above the ground! That job only took 3 hours and then it was time to go bid on another window job and then to head home to complete the book work for such a productive window-cleaning day!

Dreams... what do they mean? What can they mean? What dreams have meant for me the last few nights is lost sleep! Maybe I keep waking up because the room is too warm... I'm not real sure. But I do know that when I was no longer asleep and squinting to see what time it was, the images of what was transpiring inside my head moments before were still very present. I haven't taught English for nearly 7 years but I'm still dreaming about being in a classroom somewhere, struggling to either prepare for a class or meandering my way through a one. It is a bit unnerving since I don't entertain memories of my English teaching exploits during waking hours.

I suppose there is a connection to Betrovia. Patrik has a few nights of fitful sleep and even when he's not asleep (more so in Book Two than One), he's perplexed by events from his past. In someways, I've used his "day-dreams" to review elements from previous chapters. But might I be relying a bit on Patrik's dream-troubles to somehow deal with my sleep/dream problems?

I wonder...