Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Further into Part 2

I talked today with a few people who have finished or nearly finished reading Betrovia. Hopefully one of more of these wonderful friends will "belly up" and write a nifty review!

Anyway, one of those people said that I should have had more "suitors" for Galena. I laughed and said that it never entered my mind to do anything with Galena's "love life" than I already did. But might there more to happen with her relationally in Part 2? Could be...

And here's an idea for Part 2 from the outline:
As Kristof sleeps in Lycentia the first night there, he dreams of the Haarigoian warlord/officer that led the attack on Noran (chp. 14). His dream includes: the officer returns to his home in the Plains seacoast area after the attack on Noran; just expo—as a dream sequence should be—so setting but no dialogue, include how by himself he treats his leg wound, include the addition of a Knaesin-steel sword to his collection of more than a few Lycentian memorabilia; Kristof awakens from his sleep/dream when Dalten smacks him for being too noisy.

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