Saturday, October 8, 2011

Musing about Title

I worked on Part 2 (or is it Volume 2?) of The Land of Betrovia trilogy last night and I thought about coming up with a title for it. I thought about focusing on a character then decided against it. Then the thought came up to construct a title from one of the themes of the novel. This too I set aside for future thought.

The original title of Betrovia was The Innkeeper and that was going to be the title of Part 1 until I googled the word "innkeeper" as it's been used in book titles. I discovered the novel The Innkeeper's Daughter which challenged me to come up with a different title for Part 1.

I suppose it's not too early to stew a bit over choosing/developing a title for Part 2. I didn't decide to go with "Betrovia" until the week before uploading the ebook.  

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