Friday, October 21, 2011

Four People Groups, But Just One Betrovia

It was a beautiful October day for being outside and cleaning windows! Wednesday was cloudy, windy and basically a miserable excuse for a Fall day. Yesterday was sunny but still a bit windy. Today? Frost was on the Dakota windshield as I headed out for the first window-cleaning job but once headed into the sunrise, the frost was gone! By early afternoon, the tattered green hoodie was no longer needed to work outside.

Now for some stuff about Part 2.

Four people groups were introduced in Betrovia: Rigarians, Haarigoians, Knaesins and Betrovians. Oh, there was a fifth group mentioned, the Muads, but they won't be focused much on until Part 3. The Betrovians are clans, famiy groups, that have resided in the Great Forest. The Haarigoians, close descendants of the Muads, chose to live on the Plains of Dreut and the adjoined seacoast west of the Great Forest. The Rigarians are the mountain people of the mountains NW of the Great Forest while the Knaesins reside in and around the mountains ranges directly east and NE of the Great Forest.

So what does this geographic situation imply for the people living there? Many choices for habitat, that's what! If someone wanted to leave the Great Forest and try his luck with making a living in a more mountainous region, he would have two places in which to move. Of course, if he's accustomed to a certain lifestyle, he surely couldn't expect to find a similar lifestyle in the mountains. Or could he?

Those living in the Great Forest are Betrovians BECAUSE they have chosen to live there. If a Betrovian packed up his things and ventured east into the Knaesins, he would then become a Knaesin. And the opposite would also logically be true.

I suppose the question would then be: if a large number of Haarigoians decided to head east, to turn away from living on the seacoast and the Plains, what effect might that have on those currently residing in the Great Forest, Betrovia? Might this be something to look forward to or to abhor?

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