Friday, November 4, 2011

It's November already?!?!

It's very passe' but I have to say it: Where has the year gone?!

September and October are my two favorite months of the year (especially since I'm not teaching any more!) and they came, they left, and I can't remember much of either! I think the weather was pleasant and not too rainy since I don't remember having to reschedule any window-cleaning jobs. But why did the great weather of those months have to end so quickly?

So, it's now November. In less than two days, we have to say "Goodbye" once again to Daylight Savings Time." I suppose it will be nice to not have to drive to Freeburg Monday morning in the dark. But the drive home after 5:30 will be in the dark!

Someone told Wifey that a country radio station has been playing Christmas music 24hrs/day since the beginning of the month. And she is so excited that now she can hear hear the music of her favorite holiday whenever she wants... for the next seven weeks!

Now on to a few Betrovia things:

I've almost decided on a title for the second book of the trilogy. The title will relate directly to a new group of characters that Patrik, etc. must deal with. But that's a good thing since the members of this group will challenge Patrik even more to desire an even closer relationship with the Creator!


The current version of Betrovia contains both a list of important characters and the map that Anna and Jared Deutsch finalized. The plan is to enhance the map a bit more for the second book in the series to coincide with a few of the new settings of that book.

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