Thursday, November 24, 2011

It's a great day to be thankful!

Happy Turkey Day!

Even though we didn't travel as planned to KS today (due to a low-grade illness) we still took a short drive. As we were leaving the neighborhood, the clouds dissipated and the sunlight came pouring through! It made for a beautiful drive in the country. We weren't gone but an hour and once home, it was time for another wonderful Thanksgiving tradition: Detroit Lions football! I predicted that the Packers would prevail in today's game, but didn't think that the Pack would dominate like they did in the first half!

I've still hammering away on the second in The Land of Betrovia series. Patrik and Galena and their journey to Lycentia is the focus of the first three chapters. I'm trying to "blend in" more Vellein family history as I move these two from The Lonely Fox Inn onto the road to the capital city.

Today, I had a thought about adding another minor conflict/subplot related to Teophelus. This small diversion from the main plot won't occur until late in the book and I hope that I can successfully tie it into the main plot.

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