Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Whitney Houston and Jeremy Lin

Here it is! The day after Valentine's Day and the snow from Monday's "winter weather advisory" is nearly gone. Even though the skies today were cloudy and maybe a 1/4 inch of rain fell, the temperature reached 50 by mid-afternoon. The forecast for tomorrow and the following three days? Sunny, dry and above-average temperatures! It appears that window-cleaning will happen!

Last weekend, the star of A Preacher's Wife, one of Ryan's favorite movies, died. Whitney Houston's lifeless body was found in her apartment and the cause of death appears to be overdose of alcohol and prescription medications. Yes, Whitney's voice was one in a million, and her talent will be missed. But what's the problem? The MSM is already doing with this "news" what they did with Michael Jackson's death. Sure, Houston and Jackson were mega-stars, but they were also mega-flakes. Both too-often demonstrated behaviors that would have placed more-normal folk in the funny farm. Their fans ignored, applauded and even emulated those outlandish behaviors. And their agents and handlers continued to rake in the dough. It is a sad day in Motown but will continue to be a happy day in Manhattan and Hollywood as the MSM drums up more "information" about her death, etc.

On a more cheerful note, there's this young professional basketball player named Jeremy Lin. It seems that the NY Knicks needed a point guard and so they signed this relatively unknown graduate of Harvard for less than $800K (a mere drop in the pro-roundball salary bucket). And what has Mr, Lin accomplished? Because of his leadership and shooting skills, the Knicks have nearly won more games this month than they won the first two months of the season. I skimmed an article today in which Jeremy says he likes Tim Tebow.And there's nothing ironic about that since both Mr, Lin and the Broncos' starting QB are stalwart Christians! Will the name "Lin" soon become a verb like "Tebow"? And what might that action named "Lin" be?

To wrap this up: Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Tim Tebow AND Jeremy Lin all professed faith in Jesus Christ in their youth. Two of these celebrities are now dead after succumbing to the atrocities that too-often follow a meteoric rise to greatness. Here's one person who hopes that the remaining two "keep the faith."

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