Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Marketing Betrovia

The last time I worked on the sequel to Betrovia was nearly a week ago! But I don't feel too bad since I've created a few "book trailers" and a new cover for the Kindle version of the book.

The first book trailer started as a Powerpoint that ultimately had to be converted into a video file. For some reason, I thought I could convert this within LibreOffice Impress, the program I used to create the PowerPoint file. To make a frustrating story short, PowerPoint is not the way to go to make a book trailer.

I use Ubuntu Linux here at home to write, etc. And Openshot is the program for Linux that is fun to use to use pictures, video clips and music files to create book trailers, etc. I'm nowhere near being even proficient in the program, but I'm willing to continue to practice!

Here's a link to the most-recent "practice piece":

Betrovia: pursuing peace

Now, to create a different ebook cover, I've been using GIMP and Inkscape. Both are available for Windows as well as for Linux. Inkscape is fantastic for doing fancy things with text while I'm using GIMP to finalize the images before I send them to Amazon or to use them in my Openshot sessions. I have to continue to remember to "export" whatever I've created in Inkscape in order for it to be used in GIMP. And the lessons have been frustrating whenever I close out of Inkscape thinking that the image was properly saved for it be opened in GIMP.

Here's the new Kindle cover:

Tomorrow after cleaning a few business windows, I will dive back into working on chp. 5 of the sequel. That is, if I can resist firing up Openshot!

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