Saturday, February 4, 2012

Betrovia and Shorts

It's Super Bowl weekend and I'm writing and publishing. What a great combination! Oh, and the Jayhawks are in Columbia tonight to take on the Tigers for the last time since MU is moving to the SEC next year. Who do I think will win?

Giants 21
Patriots 28

KU 78
MU 76

As for Betrovia news:

Chapter three of the second of the series should be done by tomorrow. The plan is to still finish and publish part two by this Fall. But I've been working on other things besides The Land of Betrovia series...

Short Stories!

I didn't notice until last month that many novel writers have also published their short stories via Amazon. As of today, I will have 4 shorts available on Amazon,com.

Here are the titles:

A Rusty Nail
A Game of H.O.R,S,E.
The Bridge: A Parable
Pizza Surprise

Three of the stories have been gleaned from the novel I started in 1984. Instead of trying to finish it along with getting the other two books of The Land of Betrovia series done, I decided to glean plotlines from that book and publish them as short stories. "The Bridge" is a short-short story that I think I wrote while I was working on my teaching degree in 1983. But I'm really not sure when I put that on paper.

I "created" the covers for the shorts using free photos from the WWW and have given the photog's credit where credit is due. I use GIMP and Inkscape, two very fine free programs available for Ubuntu Linux, to assemble the covers Oh, since last Spring, our household has been Windows-free: all of the PCs and the lappy run Ubuntu.

Besides putting the shorts on Amazon, I've also been reading ebooks and reviewing them.
I might start a new blog where I post those reviews with additional commentary that doesn't end up in the Amazon version. For now, here's the link to my Reviews page:

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