Monday, February 6, 2012

A Purpose for Writing

What another gorgeous Winter's day! It started off a bit foggy with ice on the windshield, but before 9AM, the fog, and the ice, was long gone and the sun was out in force!

I "gave" one of my short stories to a co-worker and asked that she let me know what she thought of it. It was interesting to say the least that she said that it was an okay story, but that she definitely prefers to read novels over short stories since there is so much more happening in a novel compared to a story that may only consist of a few thousand words.

And that got me thinking...

How to write a short story that is less than 10000 words (10000 being the "magic number" where a short story ends and a novella begins) that would appeal to die-hard novel-readers?

Uhm... that is something to work on...

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