Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Quick SSFF Review

The Summer Solstice Free Fantasy promotion has ended. And it was a blast watching it come together! 23 fantasy authors chose to promote 29 works of fantasy: historical, epic, urban, Arthurian, you name it. The best part was watching the downloads pour in (out?) via my Amazon KDP page.

Betrovia was downloaded over 2900 times in a 72-hour period from the US Amazon server alone.

Folks who access the UK server grabbed over 50 copies while the DE server surrendered 12.

The big news is that 5 people via the IT server downloaded Betrovia! And up to this promo, NONE had been downloaded from that server!

And what about ES and FR? Zero... nada... zilch! And what do they know about historical fantasy anyway?  :)

Kudos must be given to Chris, the husband and promotions manager for Tristan Tarwater. He set up the wonderful SSFF webpage as well as organized the paid and the free advertising for the promotion.

I also want to thank J.R. Tomlin
 for posting my interview on her blog! 

Greg of Ereader News Today AGAIN picked up Betrovia! Woot! And Spirit Filled Kindle's FB page also publicized the promotion!

So what to do now? Historically, after a decent number of free downloads, sales should begin 24-48 hours after the promotion has ended. But my expectations are very low considering that the TaX Day Free promo in April only netted about 15 Betrovia purchases.

There's talk now of the SSFF group continuing to amass our talents/skills/hutzpah to create a "paid" promotion sometime in the near future.

I'm going to hold off committing to this until for a few days... until I see the results of the SSFF promo.

And here's a bit of news about Lycentia: Harrak's Scrolls -- the first draft should be completed by tomorrow night! And it will be over 60K words! The first draft! Woot!

NOTE: A "Donate" via PayPal button has been added to the blog... it's on the right side of the page close to my snarky mugshot! If anyone would like to contribute to the "cause" or to even prepay for a signed copy of Betrovia, the button is there for just for that! :)

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