Friday, June 1, 2012

Justice vs. "Literary" Justice?

Yesterday afternoon while I was cleaning the windows of the Freeburg Cafe, I overheard on the TV that a jury was about to deliver their decisions. I hadn't thought about the John Edwards case for awhile and was glad that I happened to be reminded of the trial. As I listened while cleaning those windows, I couldn't help but think that the jury would find him not guilty. But I didn't give that thought any credence and finished what I was doing and left.

This morning I get on the Intrawebs and discover that the jury could not reach a decision and therefore the judge ruled it a mistrial.

I almost fell out of my chair.

The evidence was right there! The man had taken money from contributors and used it like it was his own.

So, I thought, another obviously-guilty politician gets away with swindling the American populace. Bah!

But wait!

Here's something interesting...

Rielle Hunter writes her memoirs

What? His former mistress has written a book in which she reveals what he did for her with all those campaign dollars? Very interesting...

Now of course John Edwards will have to rebut -- in some way -- Rielle's story... or will he?

If he publicly criticizes what she has written, then of course we should ask him:

"Mr, Edwards, then what really happened?"

Very interesting...

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