Friday, December 30, 2011

Heading to Kansas

It's the Eve of New Year's Eve and Wifey and Ryan appear healthy enough to pack a few things in preparation for a one-day trip to Kansas.

This is the third time in the last few months that we planned to make trip there: the first attempt was aborted to due vehicle problems and the second was nixed because both Wifey and the Youngster were not in the best of health.

And what's the forecast? No snow, rain, sleet, hail or even fog! It might even get warm enough once there that we may need to crank up the A/C! Perfect forecast for a daytrip west to Kansas!

The plan is to visit with Wifey's mom and then even my parents in Topeka and then head to Lawrence for a New Year's Eve feast at one of her sister's houses.

And how does this relate to Betrovia?

At least one of her sisters and one of her nephews want to "buy" a copy of it. There should be opportunities for stirring up interest in the Kindle version, too!

Yuppers... New Year's Eve 2011 may just be one nice daytrip!

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