Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmastime and Betrovia

It's the eve of Christmas Eve... December 23rd... and there's not a chance for a White Christmas here in MidMO. The predicted high temperature for Sunday is 52. And that is a good thing! But I think about that being a good thing now but come Christmas morning, when I look outside for the first time and see the dingy browns and faded greens of the yard of 4502 Merry Lane, I just may wish that there was snow!

Betrovia has been available as an ebook since July and as a paperback since September. Some people have asked how sales are going and I modestly reply that since I'm not advertising/promoting much, I suppose they are going as expected.

A few times a week I read over a few forums that cater to self-published writers, mostly ones selling ebooks and paperbacks on Amazon, and find that more than a few people are experiencing some decent sales. But are they promoting/advertising? And if so, how?

When Wifey came home from church a few nights ago, she told me about an elderly man that we know who is going through "traditional channels" to publish his memoirs. She smiled as she said that he got a discount on the upfront fee: $2400. She then added that he really wants to talk to me about the procedures I'm following to get the word out about Betrovia.

A few months ago, Tate Publishing offered to editing and publish Betrovia for $4000.

I didn't think about asking for a discount.

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