Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Viktor's relaationship to Harrak

What another beautiful early Fall day! Even though I cleaned windows at 10 different locations today, I am not thoroughly exhausted... all thanks to the warm and not-so-humid weather. And it really doesn't matter that I'm only 53, right? :)

Now, here's the aspect of Betrovia part 2 that I'm pondering today (I really should come up with a title for part 2).

Viktor, the elderly Netherene prophet, Oliver III's source for all that's important about the "truest" Netherene prophesies, might end up being a descendant of Harrak, the author of the scrolls that Patrik found and that have caused many Netherenes to be quite upset. How ironic would it be to place Viktor in Harrak's family tree? Uhm...

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