Saturday, September 24, 2011

Happy Car-Shopping Day!

Car-shopping is something I've not been fond of since the late '70s. My last two years in college I didn't even own a car (a bike and a motorcycle but no 4-wheeled contraption!). When we were told that our van's timing belt needed to be replaced to make it run again, we decided it was time to "car-shop" once again! Woot...  sigh...

Today, nearly three weeks after two guys with a rusty trailer and an even-rustier 1989 Dodge PU hauled off the van, we "almost" have a replacement for it. The prospective seller says that he has earned his PhD from MU and is selling everything to move back to Angola (where "car-shopping" probably requires creativity). If no one offers more than we do for the car by this time tomorrow, then the offer we gave him will be the best offer.

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