Saturday, July 27, 2013

Betrovia's new map!

Not that it's a world-shattering event ...

Here's the newest map of Betrovia!

The more I use Inkscape and GIMP, the more I think I can do this kind of thing ... 
without pulling my hair out in the process :)

And in honor of the nifty new image, Betrovia is On Sale! via Amazon for a measly $2.99!
Via Barnes and Noble only $2.99 as well!
Whoa! ITunes has it for $2.99 too!
Yuppers! Same price via Kobo!

Wait! There's an even better deal! The Land of Betrovia Omnibus!
All three books of the trilogy is on sale as well for just $6.59!
And the nifty map is tucked away inside the Omnibus edition too!

What a steal!
What a deal!

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