Friday, May 24, 2013

Life in Beatty: the other fictional universe!

A long time ago, I spent a few winter months hammering away on a much-different novel than any of The Land of Betrovia iterations. Yes, I literally "hammered" away -- via a manual (not even an electric!) typewriter! Before the advent of "mowing season," nearly 200 manually-typewritten pages were produced ... about 2/3 of a novel. And what is that novel about?

I'm a child of the 1970s. I entered junior high school (a moniker I prefer over "middle school") in 1970 and graduated from high school in 1976. Even though very little of that type-written novel contains allusive material to things I did (or things done to me) during those years, I have to say that the novel is about living in the 1970s.

As I slathered away the hours last winter and spring writing Lycentia: Harrak's Scrolls, I took a few "breathers" from The Land of Betrovia universe to digitize a few chapters from that novel. The final results are the following short stories that I have decided to categorize as parts of the "Life in Beatty" series.

So what is so "important" about the 1970s?

Everything! That's what!

Here's the newest story: The Bird Lady

Another story that is now available as an audio book is That Hoosier's Cap

Another one is A Game of H.O.R.S.E.

And here's Pizza Surprise

Whoa! And another round-ball adventure!: Treading Ice Water

And last but not least: Safety in the Dark

The plan is to kick out 5-6 more Life in Beatty stories ... and maybe something a bit longer will appear someday as well!

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