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Who is this Cynthia P. Willow? Inquiring Minds Gotta Know!

News Flash!! Cynthia and her daughter
 made the front page!

One of the great things about having a blog is exploiting the freedom to do what you want with it!

And so, here's the first of what could be many interviews! Woot! Yes, that's right! I'm branching off into new, possibly mucky, territory :)_

The first "victim" of The Land of Betrovia  blog-based interviews is Cynthia P. Willow.

So why is Cindee the first person to be interviewed for The Blog?

No special reason at all!

Now on to the QUESTIONS!!

Who/What inspired you to begin writing novels?
My own children were the main inspiration. I began writing shortly after they began school. They would bring home those Scholastic fliers with the books they wanted me to order circled. Then my son, who was in third grade at the time, said, “You should write a book, Mommy.” That day we came up with The Land of Serenity and the main characters.

What do your closest/dearest family members think of your writing "habit"?
They don’t really say much about it. My husband is a video gamer, but he does help me from time to time when I need advice about where a story should go. And he always gives his opinions about my covers while they’re being made.

The first novel of yours that I encountered is Hell's Christmas, definitely not a middle-grade fantasy story! Why did you venture into the MG fantasy realm with The Land of Flames series?
Actually The Land of Flames was the first story I ever wrote. I began Patty Gayle and The Legend of Kingsley shortly after, and then, I got the idea for Hell’s Christmas about midway through Patty Gayle. I only worked on Hell’s Christmas during the holidays. It gave me a break from young fantasy. But in all honesty, it’s not something children can’t read.  It depends on the child. One of my biggest fans is only 10 years old and she loved Hell’s Christmas.  So it really depends on maturity.

Referring now specifically to The Land of Flames: what do you see as its key theme?
The theme of The Land of Flames is good versus evil. As a Christian author, some people question why I have magic in this series. It is my way to show how we can take gifts and use them for good or for evil. There is not a direct God message in this story as there is in my others, but the morals that we as Christians are supposed to live by are apparent.  The whole series deals with honesty, integrity, loyalty, love, and faith.

Would I have any chance of surviving if I met The Land of Flames' chief antagonist in a dark alley? Explain please!
Dave, I highly doubt you’d survive in a dark alley up against Ocamar. It would take a miracle. He is a dragon with a grudge after all.

Are any of the characters in The Land of Flames mirroring someone you know? Explain.
Hmm ... not really. It’s odd for me, too. My other books all have characters based on close friends or family. Not this series. This series is complete fantasy, and the characters are too unique to be mirroring anyone.

Tell me about the other books in the series. What are your goals for these future projects?
Book 2 in the series is called The Legacy of Zedbulla, and it is already available. I’m really excited about where this book went. It is a tad darker, but not too much. There is a new enemy in this one, and he is far worse than Ocamar ever could be. You see, Ocamar, much like Darth Vader, had a good side. He had a reason he turned to the dark side.  He’d started out as good. Not Natas. Natas, the new villain, is just plain evil. He is completely without light of any kind. He’s bitter and he is full of hate. His only fear is the dragon, but I won’t say why. Book 3 has no title yet, but it is well on its way to being an exciting conclusion. It begins with a mysterious lady character. I can’t tell you who she is, but she will play a pretty big part. She will assist Natas in his pursuit to rule the land. A new king will be crowned in this one, but I’m still not sure who will earn it. There will be a wand duel for sure.

Please tell me in one sentence only, why everyone should read your book.
You should read The Land of Flames because it is a fun and easy read full of all the things fantasy lovers crave.

What is one book, besides The Land of Flames  everyone should read?
Everyone should read the Bible.  There’s no book that has better stories in it, especially true ones.

Now, for a question totally unrelated to writing: if you were stranded on a desert island, what 3 things would you want with you?
I have 3 children. I know they’re not things, but I can’t imagine not having them with me.

And here's another one! If you could meet one person who has died, who would you choose?
Oh man, that’s too hard. I first thought of C.S. Lewis since his books began my love for fantasy reading. However, I have to say that it’s my own imagination that helps me write. And I owe my creative imagination to a man who had a television show for children. I cried the day he died, although I was an adult and no longer a child. Have you guessed yet who I’m talking about? Mr. Rogers.

And the last one! You have won one million dollars; what is the first thing that you would buy? Explain its importance.
I’d buy my parents’ house they’ve had for sale for years now. They need it to sell badly.  That’s the first thing I’d buy after giving a great amount to my church. I know that is the most common answer among Christians, but I truly would tithe first.

Thank you for this interview, Dave!

No! Thanks to you, Cynthia P. Willow, for suffering through the very first The Land of Betrovia blog interview!

And have a splendiferic day as well!

Addendum (July 26): Cynthia and her daughter

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