Saturday, October 6, 2012

Review of U-TURN KILLuR: Death Row edition

Gabe McLaughlin is a full-time firefighter, a lieutenant as well as a respected member of the fire department. He has a wife that loves him dearly and a three-year old daughter who thinks he's the best daddy a little girl could ever have. So what does Gabe think of them? He's too busy wrapped up in writing a novel that hopefully will take him--and them--out of their hum-drum existences into a brand-new life to even notice that they are slipping away from him. And what's wrong with that? According to Teric Darken via his revamped novel, U-TURN KILLuR, everything!

Through this novel (which appears to be a part of a series that began with KILL FM 100) Darken reveals his talent for poetic prose as well as fanciful fiction. Like his other novels, U-TURN KILLuR is a combination of live-action and stream-of-consciousness narrative and dream sequences. And because of the novel being packed with what is dream/fantasy/metaphor and what isn't, anyone looking for a thrill-by-the-minute action-packed fireman's adventure might be disillusioned with this novel.

But like he has done with his other spiritual/metaphysical pieces, Darken focuses on how a man can have everything and still miss what's most-important.

Tha author graciously provided a PDF of the manuscript and in thankful response I have uploaded this review.


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