Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Graduation Day

This morning before 6AM, Wifey, Ryan and I drove to Springfield to watch Ethan, our eldest child, graduate from Central Bible College. At the ripe "young" age of 23, the lad has earned both a BA in Global Missions and, on the side, certification in TOEFL (teaching of English as a foreign language). His plan is to relocate to Hualien, Taiwan this fall to teach English in a government school. And an interesting note to add here: he was born less than 60 miles from Hualien.

The ceremony took place at Central Assembly of God church and started at 10AM and concluded a little after 12. It was a very nice ceremony... actuallly, it was more like a Sunday morning church service with some praise and worship songs and even a sermon (a nice duet performed by two of the class of 2012).

We then continued the celebration by feasting on TexMex delectibles via Chipotle's (a first time experience for Wifey and I).

After the meal, we took Ethan back to his apartment and then drove back to Jefferson City via Freeburg (the bank needed to be cleaned first).

And here's a picture of the graduate:

Before we left, Ethan convinced us to bring a few things back to Jeff City to store away for him until he decides that he needs them again. He also gave us a nice wooden coffee table that Wifey wants to refinish (somehow).

One thing I noticed that he didn't pack up to send back with us to Jeff City was the paperback copy of Betrovia that I gave him for Christmas.

I wonder how far along he is in the book?

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