Monday, April 16, 2012

Tax Day Free is April 17!

Tomorrow is more than the deadline for filing 2011 taxes.. it is a day to grab more than a few Historical Fantasy ebooks -- for FREE!!

Here's the list of the authors and their ebooks!

Dave King: Betrovia

Edward W. Robinson: The White Tree

Cate Dean: Last Chance Jack

Colin Taber: Fall of Ossard

Matthew Musser: Jadeflies

S. M. Reine: Death’s Hand

Brendan Carroll: The Red Cross of Gold

E. Stoops: Corner of a Round Planet

MeiLin Miranda: Lovers and Beloved

Tristan J. Tarwater: Little Girl Lost

J. R. Tomlin: Blood Duty

Christopher Bunn: Ice and Fire

Kate Danley: Maggie for Hire

And remember: you can read Kindle ebooks on your PC, Mac, IPad, IPhone and many Android devices!


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