Friday, March 30, 2012

Lottery Insanity

It's another beautiful March day, and a Friday to boot! Cleaning the Breaktime windows today was a snap  compared to the last two times: not much direct sunlight and very light winds! Some people may not realize this, but large plate-glass windows that are affected by dry winds and direct sunlight are hard to clean :)

I stopped at 7 different Breaktime convenience stores today to clean windows and at every location people were buying "MegaMillions" lottery tickets: Lottery Insanity. So what is different about the March 30 2012 drawing compared to others? Basically, over $1 BILLION is up for grabs via tonight's contest!

But wait... should I call it a "contest"? Is it possible that someone MIGHT pick the exact numbers to win the jackpot? Sure, it's possible but only ONE ticket can be the WINNER. And what about runner-ups? NONE!

I was not at all tempted to use any of my dollars to pick a number today. But I was very tempted to tell all those people buying tickets at Breaktime today just to give me their dollar bills. Really! IF the winning ticket is matched tonight, all those people who don't win will be mad at the winner. And it will be someone they don't even know -- nor will they ever know! But by just giving me their dollars, they at least would be able to remember who they GAVE their money to.

On a Betrovia note: two Fridays ago the Kindle version was free and over 2000 copies were downloaded. Since then more than a few have been purchased but not that many this past week. Two days ago, it was free again, this time for two days. And only 50 or so were downloaded. So what was the difference in the two "free" sessions? On March 16, Ebook News Today, ENT for short, publicized that Betrovia was free on that day. This time, ENT was not able to run the "ad." So the difference is ADVERTISING!

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